A chainsaw on the end of your tele-boom!

Trim your trees from the safety of your skidsteer.

Tele-Saw on the end of an extended Tele-Boom!

350 degrees of rotation!

Saw blade has 90 degrees of cutting arc.

Tele-Saw rotated.

.404 Chain

Heavier chain wears better than a hand held chainsaw.

Tele-Saw cutting a limb.


Tele-Saw is a chain saw attachment to Sheyenne's popular Tele-Boom, a lift-arm accessory for skid-steer loaders. The Sheyenne Tele-Boom expands the uses of skid-steer loaders to roofing and shingling, truss installation, sign installation, lighting erection, and pole placement. The lifter arm also has many agricultural uses, such as lifting and loading bales.

The new Tele-Saw accessory further expands the capabilities of skid-steer loaders enabling city forestry departments, landscapers, contractors, utilities, timber companies, and orchards to use them for clearing, log cutting, and overhead pruning.

Tele-Saw's hydraulics hook up quickly and provide substantial power for quick and efficient trimming up to 33 feet. The simple controls make operation easy for the skid-steer operator. The Tele-Saw's handy control box lets the skid-steer operator adjust saw position, cutting angle, blade feed, and more from the safety of the cab.

The powerful Tele-Saw chain saw uses a .404 saw chain, which is heavier than most handheld chain saws. The blade travels 90 degrees to insure a full cut. Tele-Saw also rotates 350 degrees horizontally to cut at virtually any angle needed to prune hard-to-reach branches.

Prune Quickly, Safely With the New Tele-Saw Attachment
Turn your Tele-Boom into an overhead pruner with the revolutionary Tele-Saw attachment. The Tele-Saw is a powerful, hydraulically driven chain saw. It quickly attaches to your Tele-Boom and allows you to trim and prune large branches from the safety of your skidsteer loader's cab.

Tele-Saw is safer than boom baskets and perfect for -