Wire your attachment to work on 14 or 8 pin connectors!

Universal Harness


This harness is wired to the electrical motor on the attachment and then simply plugs into either the 14 or 8-pin connector on the skidsteer allowing the operator to use the joysticks to run the attachment.

With the skidsteer universal attachment harness, skidsteer users have an easy way to adapt their attachments when they upgrade to a newer skidsteer model equipped with either 8 pin or 14 pin electrical hookups.

For attachments using an electronically activated hydraulic valve (solenoid valve) or electric motor that are not compatible with the skidsteer, the traditional method of hooking them up requires the operator to wire up their own electrical box and install it inside the cab. This method is both time consuming and costly, and by the operator not being able to utilize the joystick, skidsteer operation is slow and cumbersome.

The operator simply uses the appropriate wiring connections on their attachment depending on skidsteer make. It can be used as an easy repair kit in the event an operator accidentally backs away while forgetting to unhook the electrical connector.

903-19085 14 PIN
903-19086 8 PIN